Signet Awards Wartsila Design Contract For Two Cruise Vessels

Signet Cruise Lines, Inc. a division of Houston-based Signet Corporation, has awarded a design contract for two 850-passenger worldclass U.S. cruise vessels to Wartsila, one of the world's foremost designers and builders of passenger ships, J . Barry Snyder, president and chief executive officer of Signet Corporation, announced recently.

The proposed Signet 800-Class liners will incorporate the most advanced passenger ship design and technology to offer unequalled passenger comfort and convenience while including the ability to travel with an automobile. At the same time, the luxury cruise vessels will be designed to maximize the vessels' speed and fuel economy and to minimize maintenance and operational costs. Additionally, each vessel will incorporate essential national defense features for use by the U.S. Navy.

Wartsila, based in Helsinki, Finland, will provide the vessels' design and the plan for complete outfitting of each passenger cabin and ship's public spaces. The vessels will be constructed to the highest U.S. Coast Guard and ABS standards, will fly the U.S. flag, and will be fully eligible to operate in the U.S. coastwise trade.

The first Signet 800 cruise liner is slated for delivery during the third quarter of 1988, with the second to be delivered during the last quarter of the same year. The cruise liners will service ports in the U.S., Caribbean, and Mexico.

Houston-based Signet Corporation is a privately held group of shipping, travel, and real estate development companies engaged in bulk and energy distribution, towing, ship management, air and sea travel services, and real estate management.

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