Sperry Marine, Philips To Cooperate On German ESM/ADF System

Sperry Marine Inc., Charlottesville, Va., and Philips GmbH Unternehmensbereich Systeme und Sondertechnik, Kiel, West Germany, recently announced the signing of a cooperation agreement for jointly pursuing the ESM/ADF system requirements of the new Federal Republic of Germany U212 submarine program.

Sperry Marine, the manufacturer of the Guardian Star periscopemounted ESM/ADF system, and Philips GmbH, a supplier of Integrated Logistic Support, training and installation services to the German Navy, have signed a cooperation agreement which offers their mutual strengths to the U212 program. The Guardian Star is an advanced, high-speed, ESM/ADF system incorporating a lightweight, low radar cross section antenna, rasterscan touchscreen technology, and system flexibility unparalleled in other submarine ESM systems today. The advanced technology of the Guardian Star, coupled with Sperry Marine's experience as one of two suppliers of periscopes to the U.S. Navy, make the Guardian Star system unique. The system incorporates design features which overcome the problems normally associated with periscope-ESM/ADF integration. Philips GmbH brings to the team a wealth of experience servicing the FRG Navy in the areas of installation, commissioning, service and ILS; e.g., training and Navy-approved documentation. Located in Kiel, one of the two possible sites for construction of the U212, Philips GmbH is ideally located for immediate support during the U212 ESM/ADF installation and sea-trial phases of the program.

Sperry Marine Inc. and Philips GmbH together will provide an excellent combination of strengths to the U212 program, supplying decades of experience and quality products and service in their mutual fields of expertise.

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