New Tunnel Thruster Model Introduced By Omnithruster

thruster model

Omnithruster Inc. of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., has introduced a new Omnitunnel Jet Module™ designed specifically for workboats, fishing vessels, barges, and dredge applications. The new model OJ-M450 is aimed at the conventional thruster market, and is said to be competitive in price with fixed-pitch tunnel thrusters.

Omnithruster president Charles M. Aker states, "the new concept has many advantages, some of which are: the units can be mounted in the bow or stern for side thrusting, or can be mounted in any part of the vessel where thrust is required. No gearbox is used, which improves water flow efficiency; additionally, there is no chance of oil pollution as all submerged bearings are water-lubricated. On ships with a wide beam, there is no need for a long tunnel that increases weight, or reduces buoyancy, and decreases thrust by adding resistance." The new unit has a self-contained hydraulic motor rated at 100 hp input, 85 shp. The net thrust, allowing for installation losses, is approximately 2,000 to 2,200 pounds. Each module (two are required for side thrusting) is 30 inches wide, 54 inches deep, and weighs 786 pounds. Built to meet American Bureau of Shipping and U.S. Coast Guard specifications, the new units can meet other classification society requirements as well.

The units are versatile and can be mounted in many different positions. For shallow-draft vessels they can be installed so that only 2 feet 9 inches draft are required for full thrust. This makes them adaptable to barges and other vessels in light-ship conditions. Units can be combined in groups for greater thrust, and controlled as a single system.

Omnithruster manufactures a complete line of hydrojet maneuvering and propulsion systems ranging from 50 to 3,000 hp in single units. The company was founded in 1976 by Stanley A. Dashew, chairman. Omnithruster systems are installed in ships worldwide, including U.S. Navy vessels, arctic icebreakers, barges, fishing vessels, geophysical craft, and large oil tankers.

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